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Alessandro, how are you today?
Hello, I am very tired. I am living in Mexico to travel around and work on my new collection. But no, my new collection won’t be based on Mexican inspiration.

How does your own description of your designs differ from others’?
Every designer is different from others if they just are themselves. I always work on my personal experience and because of that my design is unique, because it is my fashion, my world and my point of view.

What is the most important aspect in your design process?
The impact of my garments. Like a magnet. My garments have to hypnotise the people. If they are, I have a way to say ‘Ok, well done!’

What are you most proud of?
I am very proud of my academic career. I never thought I could do all the things I did. I have four degrees yet at high school I was the worst student of all. It makes me truly happy to see that I made everything in a good way. I am also proud of my family. They are always with me and approve everything I do.

We see a lot of change happening in the fashion industry at the moment – brands are going from a men’s and a women’s to a single collection and with the ‘see now, buy now’ strategy sales and distribution is affected heavily. Where do you see all this going and how do you position your brand within the changing system?
This is making me so nervous. I really don’t know. I don’t know what I have to think or to do. I would like to have a person just to think about this, because it is not my job. I just have to think about my collections.

If you could give the younger you advice, what would that be?
No answer.

Where do you see your brand in the future?
My dream is to be in New York and Paris.

You participated in last year’s Fashionclash Festival. What was this experience like for you and what benefits were you able to derive from it?
It was a great experience. Starting from the Fashionclash cast until the end. I won the competition, so of course I am happy. Afterwards I got a lot of publicity and visibility everywhere, like in blogs and magazine. And I had the opportunity to show my collection ‘Annodami’ at New York Fashion Week.

What are your life goals, your biggest dreams and high hopes?
To have my own brand and to grow up in my design. I know, it’s the same dream as the other designers.

Thank you for your time.
Thank you so much.

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