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Co-organized by DesignBlok and EUNIC, this past October marked the third year of the European diploma projects competition during the week-long trade show, where 37 finalists representing 12 countries were given the platform to present their graduation projects in either product or fashion design.

Over the last weekend in October 2016, the 24 product design finalists, as well as 13 young fashion designers, appeared in front of a panel of prestigious jurors, including gallery curators, journalists and educators (and our very own NoéMie Schwaller for the fashion design jury).

This year the winner of the fashion diploma competition Jorieke Tenbergen, from the Netherlands, with her take on classical forms through a fascinating mixture of protective clothing and designs that demonstrated this young designer’s out-of-context vision for the future of fashion.

Our two other favourites were local designer Tereza Rosalie Kladošová (of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague UMPRUM) with her collection ‘Priscilla’ – a women’s knitwear collection that looks at ways of transferring flowers onto clothes and experimenting with materials – and Loïc Glückmann from Belgium, with his collection ‘Genderless.’

The complete list of the design finalists are below – a huge congratulations to all of them for making it into the competition, and a job well done! We can’t wait to see what every one of you brings to the international fashion industry.



Jorieke Tenbergen – Winner

Tereza Rosalie Kladošová

Loïc Glückmann

Mareike Ficht

Teodora Todorova Spasova

Karolina Janulevičiūtė

Federica Romeo

Yoan Galabov

Denisa Dovalová

Marie Nováková

Nadie Borggreve

Danial Aitouganov

Tereza Otahalikova


By Brent Taalur Ramsey

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