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There’s designers coming out with a bang each and every season (and most of them usually exhaust themselves after a couple, as you simply need to be a genius to keep up the momentum of surprise), an then there’s designers who simply keep doing what they are good at. Hien Le is one of the them. His strengths: attention to detail, less is more, careful choice of colours, focus on cut and fit.

For his Autumn / Winter 2017 collection he took inspiration in the clothes kids would wear in the early days of skateboarding, in the 40’s and 50’s. Times, when things were dressier than today, even skaterwear. So, let’s get dressed. I’ll happily have one of the deliciously cosy roll necks jumpers or the pared down varsity jackets. If I were a woman I’d probably choose one of the a line layered pleather skirts.

Words: Björn Lüdtke
Pictures: Stefan Knauer



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