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It’s a term that’s so overused these days that it has almost lost its meaning: effortless. However, sometimes you just have to use it – when it’s true. Vladimir Karaleev designs the kind of dress the cool actresses (think Tilda Swinton) would wear on a red carpet. They are feminine beyond the obvious idea of sexiness; they have fluidity; an open seam here and there; the drapings are carefully placed yet seem accidental. The designer questions the fabric codes that come with clothing. Evening gowns are made from satins that you’d usually use for linings and tweeds that are actually made for coats. Inside out, upside down, what’s in the front moves to the back.

„Take the collars of the bomber jackets for the boys, they look like they’re hanging in the wrong spot on the back but that’s not styling, it’s actually constructed. People style it this way now and we kind of wanted to freeze that look,“ says Karaleev. Freezing the moment of effortlessness is not an easy task and most designers – literally – fail at the effort. Karaleev, on the other hand, has nailed it.

Words: Björn Lüdtke

Pictures: Stefan Knauer

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