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Travis Taddeo’s instantly recognisable women’s and men’s collections, noted for their minimalist yet intricate details, are created to push the boundaries of everyday style. Each collection offers a combination of casual clothing and unique pieces that weld luxury and edge together. The brand has been focused on quality since its debut, clearly demonstrated through the selection of the finest fabrics; hand-selected, hand-washed and hand-cut in Taddeo’s old Montreal atelier. Passion, care and attention to detail is what creates these durable, yet timeless pieces.

TT World is a collection of timeless essentials – Travis Taddeo’s design philosophy of gritty minimalism is at its strongest. The collection presents three key genderless silhouettes: fitted, semi-fitted, and loose, where fabric selection is core: flexible jersey, micro modal drape, linen jersey lightness and Japanese leather luxury. Taddeo has developed a signature line that is aimed at everyday use – by keeping the opportunity for layering front of mind, versatility is guaranteed. Removing the constraints of traditional seasonal-wear, without compromising the brand’s luxurious roots, this collection is a boundary-breaker in the design of new-wave staple pieces.

Photos: Etienne Saint Denis

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