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Anthony Burgess – A Clockwork Orange, the 1880s in London, as the first model positions herself for the path on the runway, a sense of empowerment and strength in connection with the supposed fragility of the female sex comes upon the viewer. Han Wen’s inspiration of the Victorian novel takes interest in the female gangs of the streets of London during the time, and takes on recreating the looks they might have worn in a modern take. He does it by using detailing in collars, jewellery and garment silhouettes inspired by men’s and women’s clothing from the era and deconstructing them, garnishing them with eyelets and creating modern takes on corsages and bondages of the time, inquiring whether they dressed themselves more masculine to appear stronger and being taken more seriously.

Oversized leather coats contrast with fluid running pleated chiffon silk skirts and satin silk blouses, roughened up with slogan prints of ‘Wanted’, ‘My ass with your feelings’ and ‘Be all in or get all out’ pairing the collection to its inspiration – the novel.

Styled with fishnet tights and shoes embellished with pearls and studs, the collection is pinpointed down to showcase a rebellious set of models, reemphasized within the hairstyles featuring the replica of metal rings seen within the garments. The model’s make-up drew homage to the iconic vision of Alex in Stanely Kubrick’s film adaptation of the novel.

Words: Giulia Susana Koller

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