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With a series of interviews with young designers. who showed at last year’s Fashionclash Festival, we’d like to explore what their dreams, hopes and positioning are. Today with Uta Bekaia.
Hello, how are you today?
I’m wonderful thank you, enjoying a winter smell and sunny day in New York city.

How does your own description of your designs differ from others’?

My design is on the borderline of sculpture, performance, installation and fashion. I don’t practice fashion as a business, and my creations are one of a kind: never manufactured. I consider myself an artist using the medium of fashion to express myself, rather than being a fashion designer.

What is the most important aspect in your design process?

Work in progress is the most important part for me. My work ethic is very meditative and in some way esoteric. I try to disconnect thoughts and let energy flow through me while at work. This gives me peace and satisfaction.

What are you most proud of?

To have art as a way of life, not be afraid to completely let myself go, think out of the box and let myself mix mediums in my work.

We see a lot of change happening in the fashion industry at the moment – brands are going from a men’s and a women’s to a single collection and with the ‘see now, buy now’ strategy sales and distribution is affected heavily. Where do you see all this going and how do you position your brand within the changing system?

Changes are good. I have always worked with a ‘see now, buy now’ strategy because I create one of a kind garments sold as art objects. High fashion now is taking more about the art form and business model, and I think it’s appropriate.

If you could give the younger you advice, what would that be?

Don’t be afraid to experiment and talk to everyone interested in you and your creativity (smiles).

Where do you see your brand in the future?

At MoMa or Tate. Wishing for it.

You participated in last year’s Fashionclash Festival. What was this experience like for you and what benefits were you able to derive from it?

Fashionclash is always an amazing experience as it’s very experimental. People there have a broader vision of what fashion is, so it’s inspiring and somehow futuristic.

What are your life goals, your biggest dreams and high hopes?

To find peace, balance and understanding; to have a smooth ride and leave something behind.

Thank you for your time.

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