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NOWHERE radiates teenage angst, the voice of youth and the exploration of music as a form of expression and rebellion. Graeme Gaughan revisits his youth, moving to London to make it in the music scene with a graphic collection reminiscent of the band T-shirts he used to make for his friends. Rekindling his love for music and its powerful connection to fashion and politics, Graeme put his youthful persona in the shoes of modern adolescence, dealing with the frustration of not being able to change the bigger picture. For him RIDE’s song Nowhere is symbolic in this expressive journey, and an inspiration for his latest collection.

Tourne de Transmission‘s collection’s aesthetic still cites silhouettes of Japanese street wear, the skating scene, with an edge of British revolt. Think baggy garments, oversized layering, statement hats, hoods and clear influence of punk with bold slogan text. We see this influence in checked skirts and wide leg trousers and a colour palette of black, grey with highlights of a rebellious red. Softer looks include layered white roll necks shirts and woolen scarves, a more mature English aesthetic, but injected with edge with shaved fluorescent hair and effortless styling.

An alternative and nostalgic collection of teenage youth, with a clear influence of music culture and the voice of an isolated adolescent dealing with the current political landscape.

Words: Saffron Peacock

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