• Gucci-2-Dash-magazine-marcell-naubert-ss17-mens
  • Gucci-Dash-magazine-marcell-naubert-ss17-mens

It was an astonishing collection counting 70 looks that Alessandro Michele presented for his Spring/Summer 2017 menswear show. Each of the outfits translated his perfect mastery of colours and patterns with surprising mixes of purple, pink and yellow or different tones of greens working incredibly well together. Flowers and animals were embroidered or printed on the shirts and bombers as well as used on total looks. Some of the patterns were reminiscent of faraway countries – we could see traditional Chinese shirts, Japanese kimonos or Persian paisley giving an exotic touch to the collection. Between all these different inspirations and layers of traditions, Daffy Duck suddenly appeared on a knitted top or a very groomed suit illustrating Michele’s witty sense of humour. Ancient and modern times were being celebrated in this collection, which also included some women’s outfits and demonstrated the designer’s aesthetics he keeps reinventing for each show. He took us on a journey through time and space with a melt of culture and references while remaining true to himself and the brand.


Words: Morgane Nyfeler

Illustration: Marcell Naubert

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