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Sharply tailored suits mixed with romantic volumes in cocoon coats, capes and loose flowing layers, Songzio emulate a signature modernist style injected with edge. Blurring the boundaries between art and fashion, garments embellished with the designer’s original paintings add dimension and narrative to the ice-cold menswear collection.

A strong black colour palette moving to camel and burgundies, echo the name of the collection “Misanthrope”, with contrasting silhouettes and designs that add complexity to his persona. The collection emulates his journey, alone in a serene, unknown city on a cold eerie morning, but eventually becoming inspired and charmed by the warmth of light.

The cross emblem is one frequently repeated, and the motif artwork is seen printed upon inner wears, leather jackets and linings. Touches of velvet, leather and art disclose this mysterious character’s sense of passion and vision.

The collection is a dramatic outerwear story – bold, strong and sharp but romantically retold with a delicate artistic warmth.

Words: Saffron Peacock

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