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“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Eclectic, playful, liberating: Markus Lupfer‘s Autumn / Winter 2017 collection is a celebration of individualism. In times of adversity, clothing provides a powerful outlet for escapism, self-expression and joy. With that in mind, the Lupfer girl is on a mission to uncover a brave new world of patterns, textures and silhouettes.

Explore. Experiment. There are no rules. Throw caution to the wind and sharpen up fluid feminine blouses and pleated dresses with menswear inspired tailoring. Or, seek divine inspiration in a cool collision of planetary polka dots, space-age leggings and zodiac-embroidered knitwear.

Hand-drawn prints and unexpected details bear the hallmarks of travel and exploration. Polar bear motifs and Artic florals make silken bomber jackets and party skirts feel newly exotic, while precious beads garner the collars of cosy, oversized coats. Mix it all up. Make it original. The adventure starts now…


Pictures: Andrew Vowles

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