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Details are added to designs today more often than not to embellish surfaces, which draws attention away from form. Instead of stripping away unnecessary details found on garments, Max.Tan asks, how can these details instead be turned into a necessity – utilising them to change or break silhouettes?

Autumn / Winter 2017 begins with the same approach to design used in every Max.Tan collection – maximising on minimalistic ideas and soft geometrical forms. This collection then embraces references from the simple movement of pressing and stacking layers to form artful origami folds. A graphical palette of clinical white is contrasted with jet black and navy blues and expressed in surprising cocoon shapes, signature handkerchief hems and asymmetrical hemlines.

Geometric pattern pieces are seamed to allow natural folding and falling of fabrics and are held together by self-tying ribbons. Flat handkerchief panels are sandwiched between patch pockets and the bodice. Contrasted in a different colour blocks, this highlights the ‘unnecessary’ detail but in itself it becomes necessary in creating a new silhouette.

Fluid fringe panels are stitched onto a masculine trench coat, introducing movement to the traditionally-stereotyped strict garment archetype. The combination of feminine and masculine is combined in this collection to create a masculine sensibility of understated glamour – fusing fragility with modernity.


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