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  • BARRAGÁN Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2018 in New York

Hairy muscular men’s legs in lace up orange and blue printed sock tights seen in black buckle heels, tank tops in silk framing chest hair, underboob scenes in mini bralets with wavy raver sunglasses and a 2000’s tribal tattoo body chain leading down over the model’s chests… these just a few of the sightings at Barragan’s incredible Spring / Summer 2018 collection at NYFW this September.

The show featured a collection full of juxtapositions, with masculine silhouettes dressed in hyper feminine shapes. A collection where the exposure of hips and stomach the pivot tight fabrics swathed the arms of the models to their sides with the aim to reveal the maximum excess of skin.

The 2000’s tribal tattoo was used in various shapes and sizes within the collection; as Lycra lace up sock tights, as earrings, on body chains and as a blown-up print on tops and trousers. The collection proved to be one celebrating gender fluidity or better the inexistence of clichéd genders and in this was beautiful and revolutionary.


Giulia Koller

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