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Why the daily rush? Where are we running to and what are we running away from?

In his Spring / Summer 2018 collection shown in New York, Marcel Ostertag claims his revolution by asking the viewer what he would do if he was a one day bug with only 24 hours to live. Slow down, indulge and ponder is his solution. Revolution as explored in his previous collections: The designer urges for the appreciation of life seconds and shows an appreciation for the daily minutes of a day. A wonderful assembly of colour blocking and prints evokes a 1970’s hippie vibe, which underlines the idea of freedom. As was the case back in those days, the revolution Marcel strives for is one of love and peace, which is underlined in his choice of accessories, such as peace hoop earrings, mid heels and ankle boots in glitter. The day bug is mirrored in signature prints and embellishments. Its symbolisations vary from eternity and infiniteness to life and flow of change.

Soft floating dresses, tasselled mini-skirts as well as wide cut tunics and sheer blouses decorated with tassel details bring a celebration of femininity to the collection. Bomber jackets with large embroidered beetles and bugs set the tone in combination with a fast-paced and determined walk of the models on the runway. The collection proves not only high quality but also sustainability; two identifiers Ostertag’s designs adorn themselves with, as well as the signature ‘Made in Germany’ trademark.

 Giulia Koller

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