Omen collection is the latest part of Bola‘s fashion triptych dedicated to the three time plans, divided by the three, different, independent but still complementary collections with a very personal and emotional character. Designed for Autumn/Winter 2017, it offers a soothsaying-likeforesight into the future of professional and personal life of the designer.

The collage photo session by the young generation photographer Kuby Bors perfectly highlights the collection’s origins, its graphicness and the unique energy of street fashion.



Photography: Jakub Bors

Styling: Mateusz Kołtunowicz

Hair: Kamil Pecka / Jaga Hupało born to create

Make-up : Kamila Jankowska

Model : Grzegorz Kłębek Embassy Models

Production: Filip Krupa

Shoes : Nike

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