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Canadian womenswear brand Laurence & Chico established in 2015 by designers Laurence Li and Chico Wang is known for taking inspiration from the duo’s everyday life. More specifically from Laurence’s illustrations showcasing their life, in which only the two boys are actual human beings and all other individuals as an assembly of animals, plants, fruits or vegetables. It is these humourful illustrations that inspire Chico to create unorthodox and delicate prints and silhouettes for their collections.

For this season’s collection ‘Makeup Factory’, Laurence and Chico took their inspiration from their friend Cui ‘Masa’ Xiaohong creator of the Chinese make-up brand ‘Marie Dalgar’. Original characters were created as usual, this time including, Snake Blush Brush, Grape Brush, Ladybug Brush, Bee Mascara and Powder Foundation with Lion’s Eyes.

An impression of massive wigs, reflecting in colours peach, champagne and black, with massive bows on top, framed the models’ faces drawing attention to elaborate make-up creations with rainbow lips, curtained lashes, and multi-coloured freckles. The models were assembled on a set made of green moss hills and pink glitter rivers and lakes.

The collection seemed to present a childlike fantasy world, garments were detailed with ruffles, pearls, giant bows, stripes and neon coloured tulle. Presenting textures of various types from tinsel like threads woven in place on a pink puffy coat, creating a shimmery variety between garments and skin in the chest and stomach regions. Bejewelled heels and boots, satin glovers and pendular earrings completed the majestic yet classic collection.

Giulia Koller

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