For Autumn / Winter 2014, Turkish designer Zeynep Tosun aimed to showcase her country’s traditional expertise in leather craftsmanship. The result was a series of thick hides in earthy tones, which came together in a coherent ensemble.

Wide trousers, boxy biker jackets and egg-shaped sweatshirts created large silhouettes that came straight from the 1970s. This retro vibe was supported by chunky heels, long hems and turtlenecks. The colour scheme perfectly reflected the name of the collection, ‘Oxidisied’. Featuring shades of rust, chestnut and icy white, it was also in sync with the decade’s ‘back to nature’ ethos.

Stand-out pieces included sporty caps with leather visors and oversized pompoms as well as sturdy high-waist leather overalls. Down jackets and harnesses further reinforced the collection’s sports luxe aesthetic.


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