Bas Kosters Dash Column 25 Gute laune

Bas Kosters ‘Gute Laune’

The end of the year is getting nearer. When the days get shorter, and we move towards the holidays, is it not time to reminisce and think about how to help our fellow man? This month, November, to me is all about Movember. I am participating in this men’s health initiative for the second year. By growing my moustache, and raising funds, I try to help raise awareness for men’s health issues. I’m glad that the big moustache trend has flown over, and our moustache cups etcetera are in the back of the cupboard. That only means more focus on this sincere initiative.

One of the main reasons I support this cause is because I’m charmed about the fact that it activates people through participation. Bonding because you’re working on the same cause seems like such a logical way to have people commit – and think. Because to me it seems clear that we need to be engaged, step up and see what we ourselves can contribute to this world. Not only will you help another, a nice side effect is that it makes you feel good about yourself. Maybe even more than through the purchase of a new bag or shoes. Dress yourself with well-being, how is that for a change?

Bas Kosters

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