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    Roshi Porkar Spring / Summer 2015
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This year’s winner of the Chloé prize at the 29th International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyéres (France), Roshi Porkar, presented her winning collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring / Summer 2015 and captivated the public as well as fashion experts with her designs, inspired by the ancient Afghan female statuettes, ‘Princesses of Bactria’. Porkar created a very modern and elegant collection that featured long coats trimmed with fake fur – some of which were worn with fuzzy trousers also made of fake fur. Snakeskin belts accentuated waistlines whilst exaggerated shoulders and hips highlighted the hourglass silhouette. Porkar worked with a muted palette of clay and stone colours, brown, grey and anthracite, as well as ivory and ecru colours with blue accents.

The standout of the collection was the fringe dress that looked as though it was made of millions of little feathers that fluttered and swung with every movement, making the model look like a rare magical bird that had strayed onto the runway by accident. The young designer proved with her collection that one doesn’t need luxury materials and precious stones in order to achieve luxury. She used faux-fur in her designs that looked as beautiful and elegant as if they were real fur. In times when a majority of designers lean towards sleek and sporty silhouettes and ultra-thin, see-through fabrics that emphasise every muscle, Porkar wrapped her models in cozy faux-furs and soft fleeces, exaggerating the feminine silhouette and the beauty of the curve. Difference is her power. Every piece of Porkar’s collection stands for elegance and grace.

Veronika Dorosheva

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