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    Augustin Teboul Spring / Summer 2015
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German-French designer duo Augustin Teboul are internationally acclaimed for their dark, beautiful garments which mix leather, lace and tulle with crochet, embroidery, rhinestones and Swarovski crystals. For their sophisticated design and craftsmanship, they were awarded this year with the prestigious ‘International Woolmark Prize’ in the category ‘Womenswear’ (Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld are among previous winners).

Augustin Teboul developed such a strong signature look that their collections have become a bit predictable. Everyone who is familiar with their oeuvre knows what to expect, this being beautiful mostly black garments with skilful embellishment. There is nothing bad in being true to your vision and consistent in your design approach and Augustin Teboul is the best example of this. It’s all about variation of the known, the way they put together what they stand for, and the exploration of aesthetics of the colour black, its characteristics, possibilities and expression.

The Augustin Teboul Spring / Summer 2015 collection has all of the elements described above. The mood this season is dark and sexy with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll. What was new was the shimmering silver pieces setting themselves apart from the sea of black. Every piece of the collection was shining with grown-up elegance and mature beauty.

Veronika Dorosheva

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