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    Rike Feuerstein Spring / Summer 2015
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Rike Feurstein’s Spring / Summer 2015 collection was astonishing. The designer sent the models down the runway wearing elegant garments made entirely of latex, dispelling stereotypes that are usually associated with this material. Feurstein’s latex creations gave it an air of grace. Who would have guessed that garments made of latex can look so elegant and sophisticated… The hats also looked stunning and ranged from ascot caps to wide-brimmed hats and visors. Hats were also worn as epaulettes, as a veil covering the face, or even as a bustier.

Feurstein chose rather muted colours for her collection, such as anthracite, black, midnight blue, off-white and grey with some accents of orange. Simple yet elegant silhouettes and an innovative approach in the use of latex made this avant-garde yet wearable collection a masterpiece of fashion design.

Veronika Dorosheva

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