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    Michael Sontag Spring / Summer 2015
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During the presentation of his Spring / Summer 2015 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, designer Michael Sontag sent the models down the runway wearing flip flops, thus revealing the main idea behind the collection: comfort and casual elegance. The first three looks had something of the yoga sportswear aesthetic about them, whilst the following were more elegant, varying in depth and complexity. Masculine outfits consisting of crispy white shirts and black trousers were followed by distinctly feminine looks such as asymmetrical dresses, skirts and tunics that gracefully swirled around the body. Alongside the sportswear inspired looks, Sontag showed garments that had a touch of the Orient about them.

Trousers were very lovely and well-made, ranging from wide Marlene Dietrich-like trousers to Harem trousers, slim-fitted and cropped trousers. Sontag worked primarily with light and fluid fabrics such as silk, jersey and linen. Subdued hues of white and black (the dominant colours in the collection), lilac and blue were mixed with rare splashes of bold red, orange and chartreuse.

All in all, Michael Sontag’s woman has an eclectic style and looks gorgeous wearing both menswear-inspired looks and feminine body-conscious dresses. She pays attention to comfort and elegance, two elements that she skilfully mixes together.

Veronika Dorosheva

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