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    Julian Zigerli Spring / Summer 2015
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His father’s contemplations on life expressed in a trenchant statement ‘life is one of the hardest’ was the main inspiration for Julian Zigerli’s Spring / Summer 2015 collection. The young designer remains faithful to his love of bold prints, which this season are inspired by the CMYK colour model and designed by hand with foam.

The celebration of masculinity and the strength of well-trained sporty, healthy bodies are the main ideas at the core of the collection. “Life is hard and you need strength and endurance to get through life’s struggles” could be the motto of Zigerli’s collection. Besides, you also need a sense of humour to make life even better. Life is hard, that’s true, but you should at least smile.

The designer’s witty mood is apparent in a range of comfy slip-ons that come in different colours such as brown, grey and black. The soles of the shoes are very special and look as if the wearer just stepped in something sticky like tar or glue or another adhesive substance that he squeezed with the soles of his shoes.

Zigerli uses very thin see-through vinyl fabric for shirts, shorts and jackets, which is the most popular fabric in sportswear, and thus gives the functional garments a note of sensuality. Other highlights include the 3D square print in pink and Zigerli’s logo print on a black classic suit, giving a witty twist to classic sleek tailoring. Big squares and circles adorn shirts, trousers and shorts.

Veronika Dorosheva

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