Bas kosters Dash Column 36 A spoon full of sugar

Bas Kosters ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’

I read a column this week about Amsterdam Fashion Week, where I showed my latest collection. The two authors claimed that the ‘happy’ event was uncalled for, because of the environmental footprint the fashion industry leaves behind and the terrible circumstances under which most of our apparel is made. Although my collection ‘permanent state of confusion’ is amongst others a reflection on the state of the fashion industry, of which these practices are definitely alarming, I found their column dreadful, boring and sour. It seemed like somebody who doesn’t fit in was judging other people’s fun.

I, for one, was very happy with my show, and was glad that I, with my ‘happy’ fashion moment, could inform people about my concerns about the industry. People left the show with a smile on their face and my message in their head. In my drawing this week, I portrayed ‘Patchwork Peter’, one of the characters from my show. Peter is made from leftover materials and recycled clothing. With his adorable smile he touches our hearts, and we might listen to what he has to say. I, for one, would rather listen to Peter than to an author telling me what to do, and most of all, deny the joy that fashion could bring. Let us use the joy of fashion to bring across a message, which seems much more effective. After all a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.

Bas Kosters

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