• Billy-Kidd-Heather-Huey-Bliss-Lau-Dash-Magazine.jpg.5000x600_q90
    Heather Huey wearing Bliss Lau, photography by Billy Kidd
  • 1_CDC_pieces_1_4_11.jpg.5000x600_q90
    Alexandre De Betak – The Stone Pod
  • 2_CDC_pieces_1_4_19.jpg.5000x600_q90
    Melinda Gloss – Double Breasted Jacket
  • 4_CDC_pieces_1_4_14.jpg.5000x600_q90
    Paolo Roversi – Secrets
  • 3_CDC_pieces_1_4_27.jpg.5000x600_q90
    Julien David – Angora Wool Parka
  • 5_CDC_pieces_1_4_43.jpg.5000x600_q90
    Yashkathor – The Leonard, The Altazar and The Kazakh

Back for the 4th year in a row, Le Cabinet De Curiositiés de Thomas Erber is this time gracing the streets of NY at the Maison Kitsune Boutique & theAvant/Garde Diaries Project Space. Using the familiar formula from previous exhibitions, it will showcase around 50 prestigious brands, bringing together curiosities from the fields of art, design, apparel, high jewellery, watch making, travel, eroticism, photography, accessories, film and literature. Sourcing the distinctly unique and limited edition pieces from all four corners of the world, this auspicious collection curated by Erber is one event that definitely needs marking on the calendar as one of the year’s most exciting showcases, celebrating the very best of creativity and luxury from around the globe.

The exhibition opens 2nd of December 2013 and runs till 23rd December 2013 at the Maison Kitsune New York Boutique and Avant/ Garde Diaries Project Space. Open daily form 12pm to 8.30pm.

Jack Buster

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