• Dash-Magazine-HNarielwalla_Portrait
    Hormazd Narielwalla, photography by Danis Laner
  • Dash-Magazine-Le-petit-echo-de-la-Mode
    Hormazd Narielwalla 'Le Petit Echo de la Mode No.67', Courtesy of Saatchi Art
  • Dash-Magazine-Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-No.66 by Hormazd Narielwalla
    Hormazd Narielwalla 'Le Petit Echo de la Mode No.66', Courtesy of Saatchi Art
  • Dash-Magazine-Mother-and-Child
    Hormazd Narielwalla 'Mother and Child', Courtesy of Saatchi Art
  • Dash-Magazine-Multiple-Intersectional Body
    Hormazd Narielwalla 'Multiple Intersectional Body', Courtesy of Saatchi Art

Marking the debut of Saatchi Art’s series of solo shows, Hormazd Narielwalla, winner of the Saatchi Art’s Showdown Prize, presents his second solo show in London featuring bespoke Savile Row tailoring patterns, creating artworks exploring the body in abstract form.

Having worked with sources such as 1970s luxury lingery, antique magazine inserts and uniforms from the British Raj, the artist demonstrates tailoring as a form of art throughout his exhibition, which opens to the public on 4th March, where he proposes a unique perception and interpretation of tailoring patterns and presents them as abstracted drawings of human form.

The exhibition will be held at the Georgian atelier of bespoke tailor Timothy Everest. “I’ve often said that tailoring is an art form, and now Hormazd Narielwalla has demonstrated the literal truth of that statement, with a series of works based on discarded tailoring patterns from establishments such as ourselves. He layers colored acetates and tissue paper onto various sections of the original pattern to form a dynamic abstract composition – a sort of bespoke bricolage.” says Timothy Everest.

An invitation only private view of the show is held on the 3rd of march at the venue.

Exhibition runs 4th to 21st March 2015
Opening hours: 9am-6pm Monday through Friday and by appointment Saturday
Timothy Everest Bespoke Atelier
32 Elder Street
London E1 6BT

Kabya Saikia

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