ANUK – From 0° to 90°

Anuk’s collection was influenced by the fusion of ballet and fencing. Not an obvious connection at first sight, but ballet first originated as a dance interpretation of fencing in the 15th century. The collection merges the ballet points and fencing swards in a series of designs interpreted in a range of heel-heights measured in degrees rather than centimetres. The choice of materials may differ in their mechanical characteristics and their appearance, depending on the basic resin properties. The unique design features use of coloured and transparent rigid materials, and transparent and black rubber-like materials. Together they formed digital material combinations that produced coloured pieces of different transparency and flexibility in their different regions. Furthermore, parts have bendable regions that were formed by a tailor-made digital material comprised of rubber-like and rigid microstructures engineered to allow movement in specific directions. Her designs and creations are mainly inspired by handmade processes; the feeling of handcrafted pieces is very significant to her, which transmits trough to the final product.

Adam Csoka Keller


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