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    MALAIKARAISS Spring / Summer 2014 Photo: Kai Jakob
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Powder, sorbet, pastel. Light shades wherever you look. And models coming down the runway while the Beastie Boys’ ‘Intergalactic’ is playing. At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week BerlinMALAIKARAISS showed her newest collection called ‘GYPSET’ – a mixture between Gypsy and Jet-Set, inspired by the unconventional way of life of the bohemia.

Superfeminine looks come in light textiles like silk or chiffon. Rose and pink set the tone, but more in a grown-up than a girly way. White, cream and a dark blue round off the collection. The huge ear studs were created in cooperation with jewellery designer Sabrina Dehoff and gave the looks a chic twist. Sharp blouses are eased by transparency, pedantic jackets lose their severity combined with light dresses. For the designer Malaika Raiss, the sustainability and timelessness of her created garments are important.

Judith Brachem

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