“THE QUIET INSANITY that place called home” is an exploration of a crazy mind. One moment in a shrink’s office when everything fades and colors drain. The void is slowly filled with white and black and the lack of familiar shapes and sounds.

The project is explicitly a collaborative effort and it is a non-profit product. “THE QUIET INSANITY” is a collaborative art project conceived to challenge presumed notions of opposition between what is real and what could be called “insanity”.

In this project, colors, symbols shapes and objects are not juxtaposed but rather fused into an imaginative hybrid image that lives as one body.

The core idea is the creation of an experimental project in which creatives from different fields can express their vision working on one project, link their creativity and make a surreal dream grounded in the shared vision and passion of everyone involved. The challenge is to bring together as many people as possible, and allow them to communicate with each other through meaningful symbolic language, using their own ways of expression.

The first spark was released when designer Alexandru Nimurad teamed up with photographer Vlad Bîrdu and FX specialist Ionuț Popescu, and presented them the concept for “THE QUIET INSANITY”.

We worked as part of this amazing team of people and empower each individual within the group to add something substantial to the work, Mihaela Cherciu and Diana Ionescu – makeup, INTRO- setting design and furniture, Ionuț Rădulescu – typography, EINZIG – soundtrack & sound design.

Model – Andrei Șeitan
Concept, Storyboard & Art Direction – Alexandru Nimurad
Directing & DOP – Vlad Bîrdu
Editing & Special Effects – Ionuț Popescu
Soundtrack – EINZIG
Typography & Graphic Design – Ionuț Rădulescu
Makeup – Mihaela Cherciu
Airbrushing & Hairstyling – Diana Ionescu
Wardrobe & Styling – Alexandru Nimurad
Setting Design & Furniture – INTRO

This was possible thanks to: Adela Pârvu, INTRO, Elena Ștefan


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