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    Sissi Goetze Spring / Summer 2014, all images by Julia Schoirer
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Schoolboy meets minimalism. Accompanied by hip hop beats, an army of male models presented the Spring / Summer 2014 collection by SISSI GOETZE atBerlin Fashion Week.

Wide, elaborate cuts in powder blue, black, white and beige. In minute detail, the collection was coherent. To say it was just simple wouldn’t get the designer’s point. Creped textile, cropped T-shirts, visors. The plainness was also picked up by the monochromaticity of many looks. Characteristic of SISSI GOETZE was the sleeve that’s half-raglan, half-classic shoulder-seam.

Though her fashion is not bright or eye-catching, the designer impresses with her ability to create simple yet moving collections that are developed out of her past ones.

Judith Brachem

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