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    Gyoyuni Kimchoe Spring / Summer 2015
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Winning the Fashion Scout SS15 Merit Award is enough to put a hefty weight on any designer’s shoulders, but designer duo Gyo Kim and Yuni Choe simply took it in their stride. Their joint label Gyoyuni Kimchoe puts focus on their ethos of ‘respect of life and nature’, reflecting their strong interest in environmental issues, social problems and animal cruelty. Aptly titled ‘Weed Gardener Corps’, their Spring / Summer 2015 collection brings all of these ideas forward in a creative and inspiring manner.

Camouflage is unavoidable, covering dresses, suits and coats in both patchwork and wildly ruffled styles. Epaulettes and giant pockets give an evident nod to the military aesthetic, hammering home the issues they are addressing. However, it is the light pastel colour palette and quirky accessories that bring the collection together; with child-like wellie boots and flower-filled watering cans keeping the clothing playful.

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