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    Alibellus+, Autumn/Winter 2013
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Cue the Adams Family soundtrack and buckle your seat belts folks, this collection will take you on a nostalgic ride through 80’s power dressing on the back of Mad Max’s motorcycle. Clad in a selection of black or deep violet silks, cottons and polyesters, Alibellus+’s AW13 models lumbered down the catwalk in sculpted Geta (elevated Japanese wooden sandals) to early ‘90s grunge music. Styled in gothic make-up and hair, their dark trench coats, high-waisted trousers and lace blouses completed the misunderstood Edward Scissorhands vibe that carried the collection through a few of its messier ensembles. Though most of the trousers felt hugging and shapeless, favourites are found up top in the short-waisted jackets and fuzzy sweaters.

Innovatively expressed through fabric selections such as plastic-coated silk, an underlying reflective luminosity gives the whole collection a dreamy texture best enjoyed up close. Even if certain pieces won’t be pleasing to every eye, Hong Kong designer, stylist and image consultant Titi Kwan has a strong aesthetic that was clearly articulated by this work.

Ford Leland

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