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Titled as Feral Nation, Little Shilpa presented her animalistic Autumn / Winter 15 collection this season. The atmosphere created for the presentation was rightfully so as rays of lights played through the room, in and out bringing moments of brightness and darkness. Filling us with the excitement and reflecting the animalistic side of humans, Little Shilpa showcased her handcrafted headpieces and jewellery along with the fearless military garments. The highlight being the glittery headgears and golden gazelle horned pieces, the Indian designer from Mumbai managed to keep her audience in awe with the dark fantasy filled models of warriors. These animalistic designs that adorned the models’ heads reflected the earthy side of the collection and aimed at exploring a variety of human feelings. Concentrating on the seriousness of military men, the garments were made of neoprene, parachute silk and plastic. Exhibiting an image of tribal camouflaged warriors, the balance between humane and animalistic nature was shown through the contrast between the minimal outfits and the extravagant headpieces. This collection observed the inner conflicts of a person and proves the display of instincts.


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