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The fairytale fantasy presented by Pam Hogg at London Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2015 began with a glammed-up version of little red riding hood herself. There she was with an oversized haute-couture silken looking hood paired with red hot-pants and platform heels, followed by a shaved woman wearing an eye-patch and holding a wooden stick; the evil witch.

The dominatrix feeling given off was mixed with a Brothers Grimm attitude. Leather, mesh, lace and PVC all made their way down the runway. There was studded as well as fringed suede, flares, slogan cut-outs and metallic leather. The flared trousers were made up of different patches of leather and were held together by lace done up at the crotch and strapped onto the legs.

Diamond Dogs and Daemons’ was Pam Hogg’s Autumn / Winter collection, as whimsical as it was nightmarish. The music was in honour of the late Steve Strange and consisted of mainly David Bowie. The collection was a combination of Lolita looking flower-power girls, with some Indian princesses thrown in for good measure. The evil high-priestesses, stepmothers and witches were present as well. Hogg took those timeless childhood stories, added some glam and created a wildly successful collection.


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