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There are many words that could describe the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection presented by Akris and its designer Albert Kriemler during Paris Fashion Week, but none would be more appropriate than one in particular – orange. While this season was a spectrum of fiery hues straying but momentarily into the realm of earthy brown and black, it seemed almost that the only inspiration the Swiss designer had to go on for this collection was the colour itself.

Fixing himself into a very narrow colour palette, Kriemler stepped up to the opportunity to further showcase his fondness for minimalism, into which he added African prints mainly of zebra stripes and cheetah spots across a line-up of tunics, dresses and coats that were certainly streamlined for his imagined customer. But the designer didn’t let that hold him back when it came to presenting capes of calfskin, caplet of antelope fur and tops that gave one the sensation of wearing scales of human-sized snakes. Definitely a trip to Africa and more for this season, but if it weren’t for the inclusion of a few darker numbers toward the latter half of the collection, it would’ve been too much for us or the shopper to handle.

Words: Brent Taalur Ramsey

Illustration: MRSCMillo

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