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    All images from '100 Ideas That Changed Street Style' by Josh Sims
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Dissecting every possible major trend of the last 60 years, Josh Sims’ book ‘100 Ideas That Changed Street Style’ investigates how items of clothing and cultural cliques have affected everyday fashion. The publication looks at iconic garments and analyses where trends came from, what there cultural background were, and how they affected the wider world of street fashion.

Resonating trends such as androgyny, rockabilly, bohemianism, goth and retro are probed, amongst 95 others, and attention is brought to the idea that the modern wardrobe is built up of hundreds of combined ideas outside of the looks presented at the major fashion weeks each year.

Freelance style writer Josh Sims has experience writing for various fashion publications as well as contributing to several fashion books.

Lorna Slessor

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