Bas Kosters ‘Devil Inside’

Last week an online interview about a project I was working on was placed on a Dutch news forum, accompanied by several pictures of my work and myself. I know that you shouldn’t read the anonymous comments on news forums, but my brother said they were quite severe, so I could not help myself. And it turned out they were quite explicit. Explicit words and opinions about me, my work, what I said and the way I look.  For a lot of reasons that was something I could not understand.

If you have an opinion and you want to ventilate it, please be open, and show who you are. Why would you put valuable time and energy into ventilating your negativity when you can’t even take credit for it? Also, isn’t there already enough negativity in this world, without your anonymous outcry? And, isn’t anything better to spend your time on? I, luckily, have more uplifting things to do. Enough said, this is a column about fashion, so I was thinking: Does hate follow fashion? Or does it hate fashion? Does it dress for the occasion, to crawl behind the computer and spit all its misery all over the World Wide Web? It’s an interesting thought. Does it wear clothes in the colours of the devil, in a palette of the colours of hell’s fire? Does it even care what it looks like itself, or is it only watching what other people wear, so it can comment on this from the safe haven of its kitchen chair? And what does hate look like? A friendly face, or one with bloodshot eyes and a drooling mouth, with some black smoke coming out when it burps – that is what I would like to know. Could the real hate come forward and show its face, and fashion? Thank you.

Bas Kosters

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