Bas Kosters Dash Column 31 Am i Basic

Bas Kosters: Am I Basic

I was in London a while ago, and made a DJ set at Larry T’s Super electric Party machine at East bloc. One of my friends was kind of sleepy, so she took a little nap in the club. When she woke up, a half naked sweaty gay on x asked her “Am I Basic?” We had a good laugh, but recently being basic has become the thing not to be. Of course I have never been basic, have you? But what is being basic? I must confess  that for the first time In my life I might be becoming a bit basic. I eat healthy, stopped doing drugs, work hard, and love hard, my family and boy friend, and my friends. I am in a very conscious period valuing the better things in life. Does that make me basic? Or is basic actually the best thing to be, all that I know is that if I am basic it takes quite some effort. But I also know that being basic gives back. Like sending out energy, which comes back to you. My My, let’s start a team basic and be empowered together, will you join me?

Bas Kosters



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