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    Maiami Autumn / Winter 2013
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Knitted pieces are somewhat of a novelty to a constructed garment. When handcrafted with the softest mohair and alpaca, how is it that one can be so connected to a piece of clothing by a simple touch? Berlin-based label Maiamitakes pride in creating real and natural knits that demonstrate statement but soft aesthetics.

In their Autumn / Winter 2013 collection the subtle function and beauty of the knit is brought to light through their staple and wearable items. The secret beauty of a knitted piece is the effortless style and shape that is created from its form. Wrapped, pulled, slumped or over, Maiami’s knits fall perfectly to a silhouette making each look different and wearable.

In an exciting mix of colour and pattern, Maiami breaks the chain of cliché nudes and pinks that has always been a favorite. However, the refreshing use of pinks, blues and beige, layered together to create the iconic striped winter jumper, produces a real sentimental and natural piece of clothing.

Amy Hancock

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