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    Gyoyuni Kimchoe Autumn / Winter 2015
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After winning the Merit Award last season for Spring / Summer 15, design duo Gyo Kim and Yuni Choe returned to Fashion Scout to showcase their Autumn / Winter 15 collection. The South Korean designers’ concern for environmental issues, social problems and animal cruelty provided inspiration for this season’s designs. Titled ‘The Thanatos Expedition’, Gyoyuni Kimchoe narrates the afterlife tale as they combine images of astronauts and their muse, the Mongolian Shaman. Their design philosophy, ‘respect love and nature’, reflects through the garments with a modern silhouette – coats, culottes and capes – multi-coloured fringes and faux fur adorned the hems and collars.

Empowering, oversized womens and menswear with a mute and earthy colour palette, the collection showcased contrast between high-tech materials such as air mesh and neoprene. Fabrics used for the collection included tweed, faux fur and wool with a lot of fringing. The concept behind the designs transported us into a special and mythical world with virtual references to space soldiers and warriors as a model walked in a space helmet with added horns for the finale.

Hailing all the way from Asia, the duo presented a thought-provoking collection this season as they left us questioning the existence of science and the afterlife.

Kabya Saikia

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