Klaudia Markiewicz Autumn / Winter 2015, all images by Mike Pasarella

Daring, playful and different are the words to describe Klaudia Markiewicz’s show on the last day of FashionPhilosophy – Fashion Week Poland. Her inspiration was taken from the Vice City video games, transforming her models into game heroines parading down the catwalk whilst creating excitement in the crowd. During the show you could hear, “Oh, I like this,” or just, “Amazing.” So we simply needed to interview her. Rounded shades accompanied with braids and subtle makeup made garments stand out. Strong electric colours, neoprene oversized coats and shiny skirts were exactly what every young Londoner would buy.

Congratulations on your great collection! Tell us something about your inspiration?
I was inspired by the computer games Grand Theft Audio and Sin City. My main inspiration came from Sin City, which resembles Miami in the ‘80s. I loved the style of the characters of that time as well as the colours of Miami nightclubs; and also the game itself of course.

You are a blogger-turned-fashion designer. Where lies your main focus and how come you decided to go for fashion design?
I’m currently in my 2nd year of my MA in Fine Arts here in Lodz and, yes, I have a blog, but I don’t consider myself a blogger anymore. I now focus on fashion design.

How important is it for you to present your collection here at Poland Fashion Week?
It’s my second collection I’ve shown here at fashion week and the first time as part of the Designer Avenue. Last year I presented the collection in the ‘Studio’ part. For me, it’s important to present my collections here so people can see what I do.

How would you describe the main differences between your last collection and your current one?
My last collection was mainly black and inspired by insects whereas this one is more colourful. But I think the spirit of both collections was the same.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
OMG, that’s hard to say. I would just like to keep creating my collections and show them to people here in Poland, because fashion in Poland is in a difficult position, I think. Therefore, I’m planning to stay here.

Interview: Lea Bernetic

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