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The Chinese, Central Saint Martins graduate, found her inspiration for the Autumn /Winter 2015 collection from her own dream. In this dream C.J Yao became once again a little girl, and could re-live her colourful childhood. At London Fashion Week she showed this by having a child walk down the runway accompanied by an older model, both wearing the same thing. The collection was called ‘My Little Me’ and was purely based on that interaction or transformation from old to young again. The garments were practical, functional with a modernist feel. Shearling collars, oversized hoods, lapels and fitted skirts all gave off a layered look in maroon, hunter green and deep blue. Wool mixed with leather created a roughed outdoorsy collection. The outfits were all held together by belts, with hues of grey and beige making the collection refreshingly backpackery and reminiscent of those days spend camping, hiking and enjoying nature.


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