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There was so much buzz around the MM6 collection, mainly because John Galliano, creative director of Maison Margiela, has been quietly making a point of reconstructing the brand’s younger sister’s identity and separating it from the main line. Rather than looking identical, each model had his or her own distinct personality. They also looked like they threw on their outfit in a hurry, although each piece and accessory was probably meticulously placed by a stylist in a white coat. The room was throbbing with the sound of thumping beats, it was a show about performance after all, and the audience was left trying to understand why certain textures were paired together. Some pairings were unusual, but somehow, it still worked. It seems like Galliano is one of the few designers who is daringly addressing the gender issue by promoting diversity, androgyny and ambiguity.  

Nada Abdul Ghaffar

Pictures: Olesya Asanova

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