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It was a wonderful evening when Christopher Raeburn presented his part of the fashion in motion series in the magnificent hall of the Victoria & Albert Museum. The collection was a collaboration between The Woolmark Company and Christopher himself. The large presence of wool, therefore, was very dominant in the garments. The series is open to the public, so accessible for everyone.

Inspiration was found in nature and the combination of form and function. The use of colour was very dark and, because of the many camouflage patterns, there existed an overall military feel. Christopher created timeless outwear in particular. Parkas, bombers and overcoats were the strongest yet very wearable pieces. Accessories such as scarves, hats and bags made the final picture complete and they all had the same elements involved as the outfits.

You could see the high interest in technology from Christopher, as he wants to create a standard for the modern costumer. The choice of renewable and natural wool was therefore a good vehicle for this statement while offering comfort and warmth, and showing his commitment to sustainability throughout the display. His experimental processes in this field led to a relevance for modern society. The well-covered garments are gorgeous and Christopher Raeburn has certainly shown a very beautiful and special AW16 collection.

Yael Veldheer

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