EK Thongprasert


Belgian Ek Thongprasert has his own approach to fashion. After obtaining his degree in  architecture in Thailand, he decided to change path and study fashion at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Arts. While there he won many awards and soon after graduating, started selling his products through French showroom Florence Deschamps.

The designer has a very unique style, gleaned from his architectural background, which adds a lot of originality and structure to his designs. Not only does he create products for women and  men, but jewellery is also a big part of his creations, with silicon becoming one of his signature materials. When he designs a collection he puts a lot of though into it; nothing is placed by coincidence. Everything comes together to tell a story and represent his chosen theme.

His newest collection, ‘Innovative Luxury’, is for those who appreciate a high-quality product. He decided to create for three types of women: ‘Feminine Glam’, intended for a more conservative woman who is defined by strength and courage, focuses on a flower design and embroidery. ‘Masculine Woman’ roots for the working woman and finally ‘Avant Garde’ is conceived for the adventurous and open-minded wearer. If you recognise yourself in any of these categories, you are going to love his work.

Alessandra Remy

Illustration: Ranny Cooper

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