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Luxury label Lako Bukia was seen on the catwalk at Tbilisi Fashion Week featuring ‘Touch’, a collection that is the result of a recent trip to Istanbul, where in one of the metro stations Lako was inspired by tiles that gave the illusion of 3-dimensional effects.

Lako then visited vintage shops and Soviet Union flea markets in Tbilisi and obtained tiles to create her own print ideas. This Autumn / Winter 2016 collection features self-printed velvets and detail embroiled leathers incorporating the key pieces of her collection. Colours include metallic blue, gold, silver, red, green and a variety of patterns digitally printed onto velvet, leather and silk jersey.

“As the collection uses real skins my idea was to leave the edges of the leather raw, giving each piece a one of a kind and unique finish,” Lako points out. Showpieces include a green leather coat, silk jersey pieces with leather details, digitally printed jumpsuits and embroided belts in geometric shapes.

Lako has been seen on catwalks at London Fashion Week for the past four years as well as in Paris, Berlin and Kiev. In 2012, she opened a boutique in Tbilisi and added the ‘Lolo by Lako’ diffusion line to her brand. Born in Tbilisi she now resides in New York.

Illustration: Sue Dray


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