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During the Spring/Summer 2016 fashion week season, Manish Arora managed, as always, to vivify the Parisian runway with his striking garments. The clothes were a surge of colour and maintained the kernel of the rich Indian culture. Lots of large butterfly prints were on parade, showing off winged sleeves and bold absorbing colours. Elements from the classic Indian garment, the sari, were included, as well as graceful headpieces, high neck halters with frills and display of midriffs. Fabrics such as silk, mesh and cotton were perpetual, with floral prints, eccentric tassels, sparkly paisley and henna patterns with the recurring image of the butterfly, which seemed to be a conspicuous factor to the collection. Elements from historic eras in fashion were reinterpreted, such as the eminent 1920s flapper dress. This collection delivered colours and prints at play, while conserving guardianship of the culture.

Words: Watiri Murai

Pictures: Yannis Vlamos

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