Earlier this season, AMSLER & Jean Luc Amsler, invited to an exclusive couture fashion presentation in the luxurious setting of The Dolder Grand. The Franco-Swiss fashion designer Jean Luc Amsler started his career collaborating with the greatest names before setting up his own label: Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Courreges, Jean Louis Scherrer, and received an Award of Best Designer in Beijing in 2015.

Pieces from the new ‘Surréaliste’collection were presented on white mannequins and accessorised by the fine jewels of Goralska Joaillerie. Amsler draw inspiration from the life of Anne-Marie Schwarzenbach, Swiss writer and adventurer, but also free woman, avant-garde, elegant, pioneer, explorator, complex, rebel, romantic, dandy, dramaturgic and much more. Her androgynous, savage and revolted beauty led Jean Luc Amsler to create those theatrical, excessive and romantic silhouettes. Anne Marie Schwarzenbach was a jewel of contemporary beauty and timeless elegance.

Photo by David Biedert

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