Bas Kosters, Do Martians Wear Chanel?


Although Coco Chanel revolutionised fashion with affordable jersey clothing and costume jewellery, I wonder if she could have ever imagined the strength of her creations and brand. It seems like you can buy a Chanel T-shirt in every boutique, and what I find odd is that these are not real. I’ve even seen a stencil on the Internet with which you can spray your own Chanel shirt. It seems to me like a big contradiction that you would want to wear a shirt with the Chanel logo but not for it to be real; to tap into the world of Chanel, but not acknowledge it as such. Has Coco Chanel’s world of creation become a common good which we can all own? To be honest I would rather own one real Chanel item than 20 designer knock-offs, but that’s just my humble opinion.

Bas Kosters

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