A collaborative fashion illustration exhibition featuring the works of artists and DASH contributors Velwyn Yossy and Frida Wannerberger as well as Connie Lim and Poppy Waddilove opens its doors tomorrow at Oxo Tower London.

The exhibition conveys the artists’ own personal take on contemporary women within fashion illustration and art through a variety of artforms – from oil and acrylic paintings to detailed drawings and digital artworks.

The title ‘Connecting Lines’ was born from the four artists’ chance meeting in London and their supportive friendships working together as a collective. ‘Connecting Lines’ also suggests the importance of line drawings in all of their work. Together, they offer an insight into the evolution of fashion illustration and art.

The exhibition will include paintings, detailed drawings, framed original artworks, digital prints, postcards and meet & greets with the artists.

Furthermore, in support of women and girls around the world, the four artists have joined forces and produced a collaborative piece that will be auctioned, with 10% of the profit supporting the work of Womankind Worldwide, a charity transforming the lives of women and girls in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Go see!

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